Powerbox adopts LiFePO4 chemistry battery with safety performance and long life time,which offers you four capacities to meet your more requirements.

Compact Size & Light Weight

Hign energy density battery, enabled Sunpal Powerbox ultra-compact, light weight.
Compact size makes Sunpal Powerbox easy to handle.
DC breaker embedded, safer, easier.

Dimension / mm 928 x 555 x 210
Weight / Kg 47 / 69 / 91 / 113
( 2.4 / 4.8 / 7.2 / 9.6kWh )

Modular Design & Expandable System

Modular design allowing extension whenever wanted, allows for expansion from 2.4KWh to 9.6KWh system, and can parallel to get bigger energy capacity with no limits. With such flexibility, Powerbox makes an excellent solution for households of multiple sizes.

Model F-2.5 F-5.0 F-7.5 F-10.0
Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Module 1 2 3 4
Energy 2.4kwh 4.8kwh 7.2kwh 9.6kwh

High Power Output &
Usable Energy Ratio

Sunpal Battery Storage System has high output power and usable energy ratio,
the system can reach 1C continuously and 2C at peak to support critical requirement such as A/C.
They can reach 95% usable ratio.


Safest Battery & Perfect Compatibility