Compact Design

Weight/Kg 22
Dimension/mm 480 * 360 * 90
Practical pulling ear design improves operation convenience

Intelligent management

Sunpal battery module is equipped with intelligent BMS for each battery pack to manage modules effectively .
Compared with the traditional module, B4850 offers best energy storage reliability with longer life span.

Module Application

The Sunpal battery module B4850 is widely used in energy storage and back-up power systems.

For new energy storage, from distributed household energy storage systems to centralized power station energy storage system, B4850 plays an excellent role for its modular design.

For back-up power systems, module-based systems can be irreplaceable both in grid or off-grid.


Wide Compatibility

Sunpal is proud to announce that our B4850 modules can work with

Victron/Goodwe/Imeon/Solis/Lux Power/Sofar/GMDE/Growatt/Voltronic.

SMA (Under testing)/Deye (Under testing).

More brands will be pronounced soon…